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The Aquaven System

How does the AquaVen System operate...

  1. Water from the well pumps enters the tower through the 4" inlet flange and is piped to jet nozzles in the top section of the tower.
  2. Water exiting the jet nozzles activates the internal hydro turbine fan causing it to rotate.
  3. The rotating hydro turbine draws air from the inlet air filters in the tank section up through the packing section. The air then exits the tower through the air outlet louvers in the top section of the tower.
  4. The rotating hydro turbine evenly disperses the inliet water over the packing sectin in small droplets to maximize air to water contact.
  5. Water droplets fall through the packing into the tank section. Treated water in the tank section exits the unit throught the 8" outlet flange for delivery to customer.

Bottom line; with it's "no electric" power design, the AquaVen always treats when the well pumps are on. Click to see a list of Aquaven installations 

Click to see a list of Aquaven installations


The Aquaven Features

No Electrical requirements

  • Hydro powered fans
  • No electric powered fan or blower required
  • No Controls required

Operating Specifications

  • Operating pressure: 15 to 25 PSI
  • Air to water ratios: 30 to 600:1

Low to medium height profiles

  • Tower height depending on contaminant and concentration
  • 10' to 15' tower height options
  • 10' to 12' tower height typical for PCE removal

Modular Construction

  • 125 to 450 gpm/module
  • Scalable design (125 to 4,000+ gpm)
  • Pre-assembled
  • 6' x 6' and 8' x 8' footprint
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) construction
  • NSF Complaint

 Low Noise Characteristic

  • No external fans, motors or ducts
  • Sound from internal fan contained within the unit