Air Strippers
Aquaven air strippers

Slaby Environmental Inc is the exclusive representative for Shallow Tray Air Strippers for the Asia ( China) and California markets, the air strippers are shipped per the specifications of the project which include drinking water and remedition treatment for VOC's.


Slaby Environmental Inc line of Aquaven air stripper, which are tower type design, include electrical free operation, generating air flow via water pressure, Aquaven is a good choice for drinking water applications where there are high flow rates of on going water to treat VOC's


Slaby Environmental Inc specialized filtrations media ( SMZ HO) is designed to reduce hard to treat oil and grease in water by a combination of weakening the surface tension of the contaminant, then adsorbtion of the molecules. SMZ HO can adsorb up to 35% of its weight in oil and greases, and is also effective to reduce cationic metals in water, such as zinc, lead and copper.